The Vision Of The Loughrea Family And Community Resource Centre Is To Make People’s Lives Better…

We make every effort to do this through the provision of a range of supports and services that respond to the needs of our community.

Our Resource Centre is open to all members of the public and our work encourages and supports participation by and for all.

More Specifically We:

  • treat people with respect
  • maintain a focus on equality and advocacy
  • be an open, friendly and welcoming space for all members of the community
  • be respectful, non-judgmental and inclusive of all people
  • ensure that our work is conducted in a safe, professional and confidential manner
  • be an accessible, independent, informative and creative organisation
  • adopt a flexible and positive approach to our work
  • value partnership


“I feel that this centre is a vital and important source of helping the community here in Loughrea. The amount of services and courses they offer people is extensive and very impressive”

“A fabulous centre were everyone is welcome”
“Great place, lovely staff, can’t recommend it enough”
“the friendship and understanding of the staff is unrivaled.”