LFRC Vision

People’s Lives Are Better

LFRC Mission

Using a community development approach, to provide supports and services that meet the needs of individuals, families and the community in a way that is participatory, empowering and collective.

LFRC Approach

LFRC operates from the principles of community development and family support.


This strategic plan and the work of LFRC is underpinned by a set of values and associated operating principles. These values are:

  • Equity: A belief in equality and a commitment to recognising that people and people have different circumstances and to creating the conditions to ensure equal outcomes.
  • Solidarity: A belief in solidarity and a commitment to providing supports in a spirit of unity and collective wellbeing.
  • Participation: A belief in the right of people and communities to have a say and to participate in the decisions that affect their lives and a commitment to facilitate this, externally and internally.
  • Social Justice & Human Rights: A belief in social justice and a commitment to eliminate discrimination, promote equality and protect the human rights of all the community.

Practice Principles

To Put Out Values Into Action We Will:

  • treat people with respect
  • maintain a focus on equality and advocacy
  • be an open, friendly and welcoming space for all members of the community
  • be respectful, non-judgmental and inclusive of all people
  • ensure that all of our work is conducted in a safe, professional and confidential manner
  • be an accessible, independent, informative and creative organisation
  • adopt a flexible and positive approach to our work
  • value partnership


Our Goals For The Next Five Years Are:

  • To consolidate the current work and the range if supports available to the community, ensuring they are adequately and securely funded.
  • To continue to have the flexibility to respond to the current, new and emerging needs of the community in our catchment area.
  • To ensure adequate resources to meet the demands, including increasing the level of financial independence.
  • To expand the intergenerational work, informing an new generation of the importance of community development work.

  • To develop and expand the collaborative work in partnership with a range of organisations.