Loughrea Family and Community Resource Centre is a company limited by guarantee and is registered with the Companies Office as Loughrea Family Resource Centre Limited. Accounts are submitted annually to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Company number is 411098

Charitable status

Loughrea Family and Community Resource Centre has full charitable status. The charity number is 17674

Board of Management

Current members are:

  • Chairperson – Obert Makaza
  • Company Secretary – Thomas Walsh
  • Treasurer – Mary McMahon
  • Sylvia Lowry
  • Rebecca Sheehan
  • Leonie Kelly
  • Breda Kearns
  • Martin McDonnell
  • Ina Broe
  • Michael Stapleton


  • Co-ordinator – Maria Coyne Twomey
  • Administrators – Liz Moroney / Niamh Morris
  • Community Based Family Support Worker – Linda Dermody

Centre Facilities

  • Meeting rooms available for rent on a sliding scale – includes tea/coffee and WIFI. (free of charge to non-funded groups).
  • Dedicated counselling room available.
  • Space available to national or regional organisations who wish to provide an outreach service in Loughrea.
  • Babychanging facilities.
  • A large range of books (fiction, reference, biography, children) available to swap, borrow or buy.
  • Desktop computer with internet access available to the public – must be booked in advance.