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Give: Clothes Banks

We have seven clothes banks in Loughrea town: two in the Station Road car park (opposite Intreo office) and five in the Loughrea Shopping Centre (Super Valu/Aldi) car park.

The funds raised through these clothes banks are used to support the ongoing work of the Centre

New or used (clean) clothes, sheets, towels, curtains shoes, bags are all acceptable items for the Clothes Banks.

We are very grateful that people continue to donate their clothes, textiles and other items to the Family Resource Centre.
The centre is currently closed to the public , however staff are working indoors and are happy to accept bagged clothes only  at the Centre. We regret that due to the ongoping Covid -19 situation we are unable to other items at present. 

If you have clothes to donate please contact us on 091 871 149 or 086 344 9950 or send a message us on our FB page

Please do not put duvets, pillows  or cushions into/ beside the clothes banks as they are not recyclable and we must dispose of them in our general refuse bins.
Please do not leave any non-clothes items such as toys, child seats etc.


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